19-21st October
Prof. David Gilbert is presenting ‘Hidden creativity in the shadows of hyper-capitalization: lessons from West London’at Global Suburbanisms Conference ‘After Suburbia’ in York University, Toronto.


18-21st November

    American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting

Dr. Claire Dwyer will be presenting ‘Performing religion in suburbia: negotiations of public space’ co-written with Prof. David Gilbert and Dr. Nazneen Ahmed

30th November – 1st December

Workshop: “Religious? Secular? Re-thinking Islam and Space in Europe” University of Cambridge

Dr. Claire Dwyer, Dr. Nazneen Ahmed  and Laura Cuch will be presenting a paper ‘West London Islamic Centre: Tracing the making of everyday Muslim space.’

December 5th

Screening and talk of Spiritual Flavours by Laura Cuch at the RHUL Landscape Surgery

Frame from the film Spiritual Flavours (© Laura Cuch, 2016)


10-14th April 2018

Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans

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