Architecture Blog: The Exhibitions

After the final architecture workshops in December the team from Mangera Yvars worked on producing an exhibition from the student designs. Each of the student models was rebuilt as a professional architect’s model. The team at Mangera Yvars then worked to produce display boards that located each of the student models in a plan of the street scape of Greenford and produced plan drawings of each design.



Mangera Yvars also produced their own response to the brief to design a space for shared faith in Ealing. Their design, called, Common Ground and Higher Ground sought ‘a commonality between different faiths, the connection with greater forces and the journey to Nirvana through spirituality’. Their design featured a central ‘market place’ or ‘common ground’ where different communities could meet to discuss ‘their similarities rather than their differences’. Above was a roof garden raised above the everyday suburban context ‘accessed symbolically through the common ground and represents a higher ground where the distractions of the city are veiled and people can share the experience of nature, sky and the sublime’.

Photo: Laura Cuch

Photo: Laura Cuch

The exhibition was conceived as open revolving frames, mirroring the card designs which the students had worked with on their first week. The architectural models were shown in a plan view of Greenford Avenue.

Launch Exhibition: 11th March, North Cloisters, UCL

The exhibition was launched with an academic workshop followed by an exhibition at the North Cloisters, UCL, in 11th March 2016. Visitors to the exhibition included Brentside students and their families, architects, academics and students and board members of the Making Suburban Faith Project. It was an exciting moment for the students to see for the first time how the architects had interpreted their models.

MSF Arch Proj Rec Exhib Invite PROOF-1

Photo: Laura Cuch

Photo: Laura Cuch

Dr. Claire Dwyer introducing the project Photo: Laura Cuch

Dr. Claire Dwyer introducing the project
Photo: Laura Cuch

The exhibition remained at UCL in March and April, first in the North Gate house, a small exhibition space at the entrance to UCL in Gower Street. Then exhibition then moved to the foyer of the Pearson Building, home of the Geography department, which ensured a steady stream of visitors including students, visiting academics and those attending meetings and open days.

Exhibition at Ealing Central Library, 9 May – 24th June 2016

The exhibition was given a local site for an exhibition at Ealing Library which was originally planned from 9th May until 10th June, but was extended until 24th June. The Ealing Library exhibition was launched with reception and public talk on Tuesday 17th May which was attended by members of the local history society, local councillors and staff and students from Brentside School.


The exhibition was also featured in the local news magazine Ealing News Extra . During its time at Ealing Library the exhibition attracted local attention from a range of groups including developers, Greystar Greenford. The developers were encouraged to visit the exhibition by local councillor Aysha Raza to get some ideas for possible public spaces in their proposed redevelopment plans for the former GSK site in Greenford .

Exhibition at Brentside High School, 14th-22nd July 2016

We took the exhibition to Brentside High School, the home of the sixth-form students who took part in the Architectures of Shared Space project. It was a popular display of the work produced by the students, and enabled staff, pupils and parents who had been unable to make previous showings to view the output of the project.



Exhibition at Royal Holloway, Department of Geography October 17th-18th 2016

The final stop of our 2016 tour was exhibiting the project at our other constituent institution, the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. Prof. David Gilbert delivered a well recieved talk on the project on the 18th.