Dr. Claire Dwyer – Project Lead

Dr Claire Dwyer Dr Claire Dwyer is a Reader in Human Geography at the Department of Geography , UCL, where she is also Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit. Claire has long been interested in the intersections of religion, ethnicity and place and has previously undertaken research on faith, migration and suburban change in Vancouver … Continue reading Dr. Claire Dwyer – Project Lead

Prof. David Gilbert – Project Lead

Professor David Gilbert David Gilbert is Professor of Urban and Historical Geography at Royal Holloway University of London. His research is focused on the modern London and urban modernity more generally. His research has addressed London’s relationship with the geographies of imperialism, London’s fashion industry and cultures, urban tourism, and the histories of planning the … Continue reading Prof. David Gilbert – Project Lead

Natalie Hyacinth

Natalie Hyacinth Hello! My name is Natalie and I am delighted to be a part of the Making Suburban Faith project. I am one of the two PhD students and I will be focusing particularly on the musical dimension of faith identity in suburbia. I am very happy to be working more closely on the … Continue reading Natalie Hyacinth

Laura Cuch

Laura Cuch I am a documentary and fine art photographer and I have joined the project ‘Making Suburban Faith’ to undertake a practice-based Ph.D. where I employ photography and visual methods to explore the domestic material cultures of faith in suburbia. My research interests include: photography and portraiture, photographic theory, material culture, domesticity, religion, subjectivity, … Continue reading Laura Cuch

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