Natalie Hyacinth – PhD Student



My name is Natalie and I am delighted to be a part of the Making Suburban Faith project. I am one of the two PhD students and I will be focusing particularly on the musical dimension of faith identity in suburbia. I am very happy to be working more closely on the subject of music and identity, with music being a personal passion of mine. I completed an MA Cultural Studies degree at Goldsmiths University London in 2014 and wrote my thesis on the subject of Dub, technology and the ways in which these two often opposing cultural markers informed Jamaican diasporic identities. Within my PhD project, I look forward to exploring the ways in which music can be used to connect the diverse faith communities in Ealing. I also hope that my experiences of listening to and working with different sacred sounds can inform my own creative music production and that this will materialise into a collaborative and co-production of music making with the communities I work with.

In relation to the creative practice element of my PhD work, I have set up a SoundCloud page which can be found here.

Here I will embark upon a type of ‘audio ethnography’ or a digital sound archive of the project in the spirit of the recent rise of a ‘digital humanities’. So far I have uploaded some warped type sounds I have been playing around with and some dubs/beats I have produced. All in a very rough sketch type of mode!

Please also follow my blog.