Architectures of Shared Space

This is a collaborative arts project organised by Making Suburban Faith in collaboration with the architects’ practice Mangera Yvars and pupils from Brentside High School. During the autumn term of 2015 18 young people will be challenged to design a new faith space for Ealing. They will work with Mangera Yvars in the execution of their designs and will also have the opportunity to work alongside UCL Architecture students. The designs will be exhibited at UCL and at a venue in Ealing in Spring 2016.

Upcoming Events

London Festival of Architecture
June 27th 2017
Department of Geography Pearson Building University College London
12:00 – 19:30
Architectures of Faith: Hybrid and shared religious spaces in the work of Mangera Yvars.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Making Suburban Faith and Mangera Yvars Architects

MYAA are an award-winning architectural practice, with a reputation for innovative faith buildings. The practice aims to make new kinds of religious architectures that are not closed denominational spaces, but open and hybrid, encouraging debate and interaction between faiths. This pop-up exhibition show-cases MYAA’s work, including the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies and the North Harrow Community Centre (Salaam Centre), as well as their wider conceptual work on the relationships between faith, architecture and urban space. The exhibition also features ‘Architectures of Shared Space’, a set of designs and models for multi-faith buildings produced by sixth-formers from Brentside School in Ealing, as a collaborative public engagement project with MYAA and the Making Suburban Faith project, which is led by academics in the Geography Departments at UCL and Royal Holloway.

The day includes early-evening talks by Ali Mangera on MYAA’s approaches to new faith architecture (5:30pm) and Professor Gilbert from the Making Suburban Faith project on the ‘Architectures of Shared Space’ initiative (6:00pm). These talks will be followed by a Q&A and discussion session. The exhibiton will be viewable throughout the day from 12noon.


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Event Reports:

October 1st – Maps and Models: The First Workshop

October 6th – Places of Worship Field Trip

October 8th – Workshop

October 15th – Workshop

October 22nd – UCL Visit

Phase 1 Designs

Phase 2

Phase 2 Designs

Final Presentations

The Exhibitions